Maderra attempts to build its doors and other products within approximately 6-8 weeks. This timeframe can vary based on the supply chain and the number of orders it receives. Each door/product is custom-built; hence, the production time frame may extend beyond the 6-8 weeks timeframe mentioned on its website.

Our wall hidden compartments are a great way to hide your valuables between the walls of your home. All of our compartments come preassembled and ready to be installed. Unit comes with a wireless RFID cards and smartphone NFC cards battery locking sytem that is expected to last for 1-2 years before the batteries will need to be replaced.  

You can open the lock two ways: the mobile phone through the lock APP and the RFID card. 

What happens if the battery dies? You can unlock the compartment manually by removing the picture frame and using a USB cord.

How deep will my hidden compartment be?

The depth of your safe will vary based on the thickness of your wall. A wall that has been framed using 2"x 4" (inch) studs, your safe will have 3" 3/8" 9(inches) of shelving space. For a wall that has been framed from   2"x 6" (inch) studs, your safe will have 5" 3/8" (inches) of shelving space.

How wide is the Hidden Compartment?

Each unit is 15.6 inches wide. Our kits are meant to fit any home that has been framed with studs that are 16 inches in between the studs. 


What does the safe include?

Our units will include the box, shelves, hardware/hinges, Smart RFID Lock, face panel with brackets to screw your own picture frame, and installation instructions.

Can I use my own art work?

Yes, you can put any art work and size of frame to the back panel of your hidden compartment. Note: you will need to add a 0.25" inch thick backing to the back of your exsisting picture frame to properly screw the bracket of your picture frame. 


Is the safe fire rated? No.


What is the box compartment made out of? The inside box is made from .5" inch finished MDF and is wrapped with 15 gauge galvanized steel. 

Note: Our hidden compartments are not a high security vault or safe. Our hidden compartments are meant to keep valuable hidden between your walls. Art work is not included. Any art work can be attached to the face panel. 

Disclaimer: Please be advised that freight companies may not be able to deliver to certain residential areas due to weight restrictions and the size of the cargo. In the event that carrier is unable to deliver to your designated address, you, as the recipient, will be responsible for arranging the pickup of the cargo from the nearest terminal at your own expense.


Wall Safe

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Production time Approximately : 6-8 WEEKS. ( See description for more details )
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