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Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are a legal agreement between Maderra LLC. (“Maderra” “we”, “us”, or “our”) and the user/customer (“you”, “your”, “yours”, “user”). This agreement states the terms and conditions under which you may use Maderra websites (the “Site”) or purchase any products sold by Maderra or its affiliates (“Products”). By clicking “I Agree,” purchasing any Products, or accessing the Site you expressly agree to, and consent to be bound by, these Terms and the Privacy Policy found here (the “Privacy Policy”). Please read these Terms and the Privacy Policy carefully before accessing and using the Site or purchasing any Products. Maderra may revise these Terms and the Privacy Policy at any time without notice by updating the Site. When you use the Site, please check the date that appears at the top/bottom of these Terms and review any changes since the last version. Your continued use of the Site or purchase of any Products means that you accept and agree to any revisions to these Terms and the Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to be bound by these Terms, please exit now, and do not purchase any products. THIS IS A LEGAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN YOU AND MADERRA AND GOVERNS YOUR USE OF THE SITE AND PURCHASE OF PRODUCTS DESCRIBED BELOW.

Shipping, Receiving, Product Inspection, Reporting Damages. 

Maderra guarantees to send a new and undamaged product as specified in the purchase order. All doors will be securely packaged in a pallet or crate. The freight company will not deliver to your garage or inside the house; they will only deliver to the curbside. In some locations, curbside delivery may not be possible due to the pallet or crate dimensions. In such instances, you are responsible for arranging pickup from the terminal at your own expense. Maderra will not accept the return of any product due to failure to arrange terminal pickup.

When the freight company has the equipment and capability to perform curbside delivery, you are responsible for unloading the package from the delivery truck. Maderra is not liable for any personal injuries or product damages that occur during or after the unloading process. Any arrangements made between you and the freight company during or after the delivery are not covered by Maderra. Any additional charges made by the freight company will be your responsibility and must be paid in full within the time frame set by the freight company.

All shipping is done by third-party companies, and scheduling deliveries must be arranged directly between you and the freight company. Any additional charges for rescheduling due to missed appointments will be your responsibility. Maderra has no control over or guarantees regarding expected delivery dates or times, given that third-party companies handle shipping. Maderra will not refund customers under any circumstances for missed deliveries or rescheduling conflicts with the freight company. A tracking number will be provided by the third-party company as soon as the product is shipped out, along with an estimated delivery time.

Upon delivery, you are responsible for inspecting the product entirely for any manufacturing defects or damages before the delivery driver leaves the site. If you determine that the product is damaged or defective, you must list all damages on the “Bill of Lading” and reject the delivery as damaged. Once you have accepted and signed for the product, you waive any right to return the damaged product to Maderra and will not be eligible for any damage claims from the freight company or Maderra. If you reject the delivery due to damage, it must be documented on the “Bill of Lading.” If the delivery is returned to us without written notice of the damages or defects, it will not be eligible for any exchange or damage claims. By signing the Bill of Lading and accepting the product without notifying Maderra of any defects or damages, it will be assumed that those damages occurred after delivery. Once the product has been received, you waive any rights to dispute charges with your credit card company.

You acknowledge and understand that the product or items during transport may be subject to dents and scratches that may occur during loading, unloading, handling, and transit. Maderra will not be held responsible or liable for such damages.

If you enter an incorrect address in your purchase order, you must notify Maderra immediately via email. Once the product has been shipped, Maderra cannot change the delivery address or delivery dates. You are responsible for working directly with the shipping company to make any shipping modifications. All charges incurred for any delivery modification once the product is in transit will be your responsibility. Any storage fees incurred to hold the freight due to scheduling delivery conflicts will also be your responsibility. Freight cannot be returned to Maderra under any circumstances. All concealed damages not seen at the time of delivery must be reported to Maderra via email within three days of the delivery date. Any damages or defects reported after three days will not be eligible for damage claims or any monetary refund or compensation.

Due to length and height shipping restrictions, products taller than 96 inches will not be delivered to the shipping address; instead, they will need to be picked up at the nearest shipping terminal at your own expense. All prehung door frames and other products will be shipped unassembled and will need to be assembled by you. All prehung door frames and products are painted as one unit and then disassembled for shipping, which may cause some paint to chip off from the corners.


Sale Terms  Each door made by Maderra is considered custom-made and cannot be reused or sold at discounts. Once an order is submitted and paid for, you agree that after 24 hours from the date and time the order is received by Maderra, your order(s) is final and non-refundable. You can cancel an order within 24 hours from the time and date the order is submitted for a full refund. All cancelations must be submitted in writing within 24 hours to customersupport@maderrashop.com. If your order is canceled after 24 hours, no refund will be issued, and you give away your right to dispute any charge to your credit card company for the failure to cancel your order. You understand and agree that any dispute charges made by you after the 24-hour cancelation grace period will be invalid. You understand and agree that you are responsible for ALL legal expenses acquired by MADERRA in any legal dispute or action you take against Maderra . You acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to all terms and conditions listed on the site and at checkout. Once a product has been inspected and signed for at the time of delivery, the customer waives all rights to return or dispute charges to their credit credit card company, regardless of the customer's satisfaction with the product. 

Injury Claims/Damages/ Repairs ALL doors are to be installed by the owner or a licensed general contractor. MADERRA is not responsible for any incorrect installations or personal property, bodily injury, or damage acquired during or after installation. Products that are installed incorrectly or are modify by the user will not be replaced or repaired by Maderra. MADERRA reserves the right to repair or replace any door that is manufactured incorrectly. In the case a product has been manufactured incorrectly, the customer/homeowner will need to find a license general contractor that specializes in door repairs. Once you receive an estimate for the necessary repairs, the contractor must email their quote to customersupport@maderrashop.com for review and pre-approval. Under no circumstances should a contractor start any work without approval from Maderra. If work is started without authorization, the contractor will not be paid by Madera and you are responsible for any charges acquired. Any payments for wrongly manufactured doors will be made directly to the contractor. Once a contractor has repaired the product and it meets the manufacturing requirements established by Maderra. Work will be considered completed regardless of the customer's satisfaction.

Exchanges or Returns  Maderra has a no-return policy. However, Maderra does reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to allow you to return the product upon written agreement under special circumstances. Those circumstances will be reviewed by Maderra and will determine if a return is accepted. If a return is eligible, the customer will be notified via email. The customer is solely responsible for repackaging the product under the same conditions it was received. The customer is also responsible for arranging shipping with a company of their choice and will also cover all the shipping expenses. We recommend that you purchase the proper freight insurance for the full value of the product during shipping. You are responsible for any damage or loss that happens during shipping. Maderra will inspect the product once it arrives at our facility, if the product is damaged or altered in any way, no refunds or exchanges will be issued. No refunds or exchanges will be issued until the product is returned and inspected by Maderra. Refunds will be issued via check and may take up to 30 days to process. If a customer files a dispute with their payment provider while Maderra has agreed to address customer concerns, any replacement of parts or refunds will be put on hold until the customer withdraws their claim with their provider. This is done to protect both parties. Maderra holds the right to have the product returned if the credit card provider favors the customer in the dispute. The product must be returned in the same condition it was received within 30 days of the dispute being closed. Failure to do so,  the customer will legally be liable for failing to return the product within 30 days. If the customer does not return the product within the specified timeframe, legal action will be taken, and any attorney's fees and court fees will be paid by the customer for all legal expenses acquired by Maderra. 

Discounts / Quote Occasionally, MADERRA may offer discounts within a specific date range. MADERRA will honor any discount within those days ONLY. Discounts outside of those date ranges will not be honored. Any cancelation for products that were purchased with a discount will be refunded at the discounted price and NOT at the original price (Referred back to Sales and Terms Condition). Any quote provided by MADERRA are valid for 30 days from the day the quote was issued. Any quote past the 30 days is invalid and a new quote may reflect a different price. Any oral agreement made by any representative is not a legal binding agreement and does not supersede this agreement.

Product Dimensions / Door Fitting All door dimensions are custom made based on the measurements provided by you at the time an order is placed. You are solely responsible for the door fitting correctly based on the measurements provided to Maderra. If the measurements provided to Maderra are incorrect and need to be modified, you need to notify Maderra within 24 hours from the time your order is submitted in writing to customersupport@maderrashop.com. Maderra will not make any modifications to your doors after 24 hours from the time the order is submitted. Maderra does not guarantee that your bookshelf door will fit your intended space or location. If the product does not fit your door opening, some modifications may need to be done to your existing location of installation. Maderra will not pay or cover for any modification needed for the door to fit properly to your existing door opening. Maderra is not responsible for any modification done to your product if there are any damages acquired in the modification process, Maderra will not cover any damages. Once a door has been installed in the property, the customer wavies any right to return the door or be eligible for any refunds to be issued.

Damage Claims Maderra offers no refunds on any purchases. If your order is damaged at the time of arrival or defective in any way, or if the incorrect door is sent, you must refuse the delivery and write down on the bill of landing all the damages and defects, along with any documentation that proofs that your product was delivered damaged. photos, and videos must be taken during the delivery regardless of the product condition and must be emailed to customersupport@maderrashop.com immediately. You must have the freight company return your product at the time of delivery. If you fail to write down the damages of your product on the bill of landing, Maderra will not accept the return product and you will be responsible for any costs incurred during the return of the product. If the product is accepted by Maderra, the product will be inspected for the damages stated on the bill of lading and a decision will made to determine if the product will be repaired or if the product is damaged or defective beyond repair. If the product is a complete loss, a new door will be built and sent back to you.  If the product is return and Maderra determines that the door is in good condition, you will be responsible for ALL the shipping charges acquired during the return. You understand and agree that Maderra will not refund your order under any circumstance. Only a replacement for the damaged product will be issued. Maderra is not responsible, nor does it guarantee that the new product will arrive within a specific time period. Maderra is not responsible for any project delays or any monetary loss that is acquired during the production of your new product. In the event that a damage claim must be submitted with the carrier, this process may take approximately 4-6 weeks or longer to resolve. No replacements will be issued until the carrier claims are finalized. Maderra does not control the outcomes of these claims. Maderra reserves the right to modify this policy under special circumstances agreed upon in writing between the customer and Maderra.

Manual locks, electronic locks, and door latches. ll electronic lock installation must be done by a licensed electrician. Maderra takes no responsibility for improper malfunction or any personal, property, or body injuries acquired by any electrical or mechanical components of your product. If you determine that a lock system is defective, it must be returned to Maderra for inspection. If a new or replacement device is needed, Madera will send it back to you at no charge. Maderra is not responsible for any damages acquired during the uninstallation of the defective components.

Expected Production Time Frame. Maderra attempts to build its products within approximately 6-8 weeks. Maderra does not claim or guarantee that products can be completed during that time frame. Production can vary based on the supply chain of raw materials and the number of orders it receives. Each door/product is custom built; hence, the production time frame may extend beyond the 6-8 weeks time frame as mentioned on its website. Maderra is not responsible nor does it guarantee that the new product will arrived within a specific time period. Maderra is not responsible for any project delays, or any monetary loss that is acquired for the customer during the production of their order. Delays are expected for products that have custom colors and additional features such as key locks, electromagnetic locks, sound barriers, and finished backs. Maderra is not responsible for any delays caused to the customer for products/ doors that take longer to build.

Hardware All Knobs and door hardware will be provided as indicated by your order. The hardware must be installed by the customer.  Orders that have no hardware, will not have pre-drill holes, unless indicated by the customer. Maderra takes no responsibility if pre-drill holes do not align with the hardware. Drawers pre-drill holes will not be drill entirely through the drawers; customer will be responsible for drilling holes.

Assembly instructions and installation. Maderra does not guarantee to have assembly instructions for all products on its website. Assembly instructions that are provided for our standard products may not be directly applicable to your custom-built product. Due to the personalized nature of modifications as requested by customer, the final assembly instructions process may differ. Our instructions serve as a general guide, and some steps may not be relevant to your specific product. If such is the case, customer may schedule a call with our customer support for a video remote assistance to help with the assembly process. Customer acknowledges and is aware that successful assembly of customized products does requires qualified carpentry and building skills. Assembly tools are not included. Improper, installation may lead to personal  injury and product damage.

Store Credits and Refunds. Maderra has a no-return policy. However, Maderra does reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to issue store credits and refunds under special circumstances that are reviewed by Maderra. Any store credits will be issued via discount codes for future purchases; store credits can not be restored as cash payouts. Refunds will be issued via check and may take up to 30 days to process. All checks will be mailed to the order billing address as stated in the purchase order. 

Updated on February 1, 2022 Maderra LCC reserves the right to make changes to terms at any time.