Installation Instructions.
Maderra attempts to build its doors and other products within approximately 6-8 weeks. This timeframe can vary based on the supply chain and the number of orders it receives. Each door/product is custom-built; hence, the production time frame may extend beyond the 6-8 weeks timeframe mentioned on its website.

Introducing the Ultimate Wall Mount Bookshelf Door: Where Elegance Meets Functionality!

Upgrade your living space with our innovative Wall Mount Bookshelf Door, a seamless blend of form and function that adds both style and practicality to your home. This unique piece of furniture isn't just a bookshelf; it's a hidden doorway to endless possibilities. We've designed our Wall Mount Bookshelf Door with DIY enthusiasts in mind. Installation is straightforward, and all necessary hardware is included. Step-by-step instructions ensure a hassle-free setup.

Maderra attempts to build its doors and other products within approximately 4-6 weeks. This timeframe can vary based on the supply chain and the number of orders it receives. Each door/product is custom built; hence, the production time frame may extend beyond the 4-6 weeks timeframe mentioned on its website.

Door depth: 11 inches. 

Shelf depth: 6.6 inches.

Material: MDF Core. All Doors are made from engineered MDF wood.  

All Doors are made from engineered MDF wood, including doors that have a woodgrain pattern. Doors that have a woodgrain pattern that have drawers and bottoms doors will come in the shaker door style, instead it will be flat door panel. Only solid painted grade doors will have drawers and bottom doors that have the shaker door style. 

1. MEASUREMENTS. All measurements must be taken from the Door Jamb and not from the Door Stop. It is recommended to measure your existing Door Height and Door Width on top, bottom, right and left side of your door, and introduced the smallest measurement on our site. You need 3 simple measurements:


Note. The bookcase will overlap your rough opening by 8.75" on the sides and from the top it will overlap by 6.75" as shown in the image bellow.



2. PAINT VS NON-PAINTAll of our doors are machine painted and are inspected by our technicians at our highest quality standards. All of our doors use a specialized cabinet-painted solution that will make doors stand out.  Our doors get a coat of primer and then have three additional coats of paint put on them. Our doors are then finished with the last coat of polyurethane protective scratch-resistant solution, which will keep your door smooth and easy to clean. 



All doors will be securely packaged and shipped in a pallet. The freight company will deliver the product to curbside only. All Shipping is done by third-party companies and scheduling deliveries will be scheduled by the freight company.  
Maderra has no control or guarantee over expected delivery dates or times given that third party companies are used for shipping. 

Upon delivery, you are responsible to inspect the product entirely for any defects or damages berfore the delivery driver leaves. If you determine that the product is damaged or defective, you need to list all the damages on the “Bill of Lading” and reject the delivery.

Note: Given length and height shipping restrictions by freight companies, doors that are taller than 96" (inches), the prehung door frame will shipped out unassembled. All prehung door frames are painted as one unit and will be disassembled for shipping, which may cause some of the paint to be chipped off at the corners.

Disclaimer: Please be advised that freight companies may not be able to deliver to certain residential areas due to weight restrictions and the size of the cargo. In the event that carrier is unable to deliver to your designated address, you, as the recipient, will be responsible for arranging the pickup of the cargo from the nearest terminal at your own expense.

4. Terms & Conditions.

Exchanges or Returns

Each Door made by Maderra is considered custom made and cannot be reused or resold. Once an order is submitted and paid for, you agree that after 24 hours from the date and time the order is received by Maderra, your order(s) is final and nonrefundable. You can cancel an order within 24 hours from the time and date the order is submitted for a full refund. All cancelations must be submitted in writing within 24 hours to




Style 2 Wall Mount Bookcase

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Production time Approximately : 6-8 WEEKS. ( See description for more details )
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