Includes: Welded Frame with Hinges with ONE Electric Remote Control mechanism. 

Lifting device: Electric Screw Motor

Mmaximum push and pull force: 8000N
Material: carbon steel + alloy

Surface treatment: black paint
Product voltage: 24V-240V
Product power: 60W

Opening angle: 90°

Size: 54X22X15cm

Package: 1PCS HINGE +
1 wireless remote controls ,+ 1wired wired remote +Plug+Transformer+program box

Net Weight:10kg/bag

Installation recommendation----1PCS
Door weight ≤150kg,
Door height≤2.3M
Door width≤1.3M

1:If there is a power outage, it needs to be turned on manually.
Borrow the suction cup tool when tiling.

The black material is painted cold-rolled steel.


Disclaimer: Please be advised that freight companies may not be able to deliver to certain residential areas due to weight restrictions and the size of the cargo. In the event that carrier is unable to deliver to your designated address, you, as the recipient, will be responsible for arranging the pickup of the cargo from the nearest terminal at your own expense.

Basement Trap Door

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